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Prone High Rows, a great posterior deltoid exercise

Prone high rows is by far the most effective yet ignored exercise when it comes to training the posterior deltoid. A supported compound movement which focuses on the posterior deltoid and lets you improve on the body part that most people lag. The prone high rows is greatly beneficial because it works on the posterior deltoid region much better than the bent over lateral raise exercise that people perform for the posterior deltoid. The supported nature of the exercise also makes it better for people with lower back injuries to focus on the posterior deltoid without worrying too much about the lower back. The exercise also provides the isolateral advantage which ensures equal development across both sides of the body and not helping the stronger side of the body.
The movements involved in the exercise are shoulder horizontal abduction and elbow flexion while the complete muscles involved are the posterior deltoids and elbow flexors. So next time you want to focus on your posterior deltoid, simply grab a bench and get going with the prone high rows. One can couple this exercise with either back training or shoulder training, depending upon their intensity for that day.

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