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Powerlifting, a great tool for your fitness goals.

Powerlifting, a great tool for your fitness goals.

We all workout or train with a certain goal in mind. Almost all of the goals are either of the two 1. Muscle Gain 2. Fat Loss
The goals that we train with require a lot of efforts both in the gym and the kitchen. The efforts you put in the gym should be used optimally rather than spending hours not being fully able to optimize your training. One of the recent trend in weight training is the sudden affection towards powerlifting style training. Powerlifting movements are functional movements that are compound in nature and help generate a lot of strength that is useful in real life rather than focusing on smaller muscle groups.
Here is how you benefit from powerlifting like training in achieving your goals:

1. Strength: The strength gains are immense as you train the bigger body parts with most time dedicated towards them. Squats works on your legs, deadlifts for your back and assisting leg muscles, bench press on your chest primarily along with shoulders, triceps, biceps. These are movements that require maximum efforts and work on almost every muscle of your body. The functional nature of the movements helps you develop strength in the real world.

2. Fat loss: For fat loss bigger the surface area, more the energy consumed and thereby more fat loss as a result. This is the principle that applies with powerlifting technique and hence helps aid in fat loss. The muscles worked in powerlifting style training are all bigger muscles and occupy a larger surface area in the body. The more you train these larger muscles the body tends to burn more fat.

3. Skeletal health: In a 10-year review of literature published in “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise” in 1999, it was known the resistance training was seen to increase bone mineral density. It was further shown that intense resistance training, such as powerlifting, decreases numerous risk factors for osteoporosis by increasing strength and bone mass.

4. Smaller muscles develop: The assisting muscles like biceps, triceps develop much better and with greater strength when you train the bigger muscles with more effort.
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