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Onions, a nutritive food

Onions are a staple in almost every food that we make. In fact, onions add a lot of variety and taste to the food. One of the most acclaimed bodybuilder Jay Cutler once said in his interview that, onions give more vascularity. Onions are an aromatic that is used as the base for many recipes and help foods reach their true flavor potential.

A powerful compound called quercetin in onions is known to play a significant role in preventing cancer. Quercetin is a plan flavanoid that possesses a high antioxidant value which is capable of fighting cancer-causing free radicals. Onions are also known to have great anti-inflammatory properties that are useful to people with joint pain and the ones suffering from arthritis.

Although Onions are a bit harsh on the eyes as most people feel while cutting them for use. They are exactly the opposite on the skin. An active component of onion is biotin, biotin is used to treat brittle nails, prevent hair loss and maintain healthy skin. Although the research on this is still ongoing.Onions are also high in fiber which proves beneficial in improving digestion and helping push the waste out of your system.

Another unique benefit onion provides is the increase in bone density in older women. Onions bolster bone density for older women. One study found that menopausal women who incorporated onions into their diet had a 20% lower risk of health disease.

So if you have a raw onion in your salad or just some sauteed onions on your food plate, don’t worry. You are giving your body some really good benefits.

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