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Sleep also builds muscle

Ever wondered why sleep plays a major role in muscle building. Studies suggest that the amount of growth hormone release goes up during sleep. More and better growth hormone results in more muscle regeneration and recovery which in turn leads to better-looking muscles. Another benefit of a good sleep is the balanced adenosine levels. Adenosine (a neurotransmitter that produces ATP, the energy-storage molecule that powers most of the biochemical reactions inside cells) is used as a signal to tell the brain that it needs to rest. It is seen that levels of adenosine decrease during sleep. The lack or blockage of adenosine has shown to increase alertness which also goes to suggest that the brain is actually being recharged during sleep. A recharged brain is a better way to operate the next day than going with a tired brain ad operating sub-optimally.

So next time someone suggests a good quote about putting in extra hours of work, make sure you share this with them and let them know how to ensure you operate more efficiently.

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