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Lauric Acid, a great Medium chain triglyceride

Lauric Acid is a healthy saturated fat found in oils like the coconut oil and the Palm kernel oils. It is a medium chain triglyceride which is easily absorbed by the body.

Being an MCT (medium Chain Triglyceride) Laurie acid found in coconut oil is easily absorbed in the body and takes less time to be absorbed. This makes MCT’s more easily digestible your body processes them as it would carbohydrates, and they are used as a source of direct energy.

The caloric count in MCT’s is lesser compared to long chain triglycerides which is 9 kcal, the MCT’s have about 8.3 kcal as per the Nutrition Review Article.

MCT’s are a great help in aiding fat loss as they help put you body in ketosis, in case of a ketogenic diet. Ketogenic diets highly recommend coconut oil for its Laurie acid content which has other health benefits as well. MCT’s also have a higher satiety value which help you stay full for a longer time which can also be a sign of improved leptin ghrelin signals, hormones that affect hunger.

Coconut oil which contain Laurie acid can also be used for cooking as they are more stable under heat as compared to the vegetable oils which are very less stable under heat.

Lauric acid is also used to develop Monolaurin, monolaurin is an antimicrobial agent that is able to fight bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and other pathogens. According to a research Lauric Acid is also said to cure Alzheimers Disease.

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