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CNS Fatigue

CNS or the central nervous system is a part of the nervous system that consists the brain and the spinal cord. The name comes from the fact that it integrates information it receives from, and coordinates and influences the activity of, all parts of the bodies of bilaterally symmetric animals that is, all multicellular animals.
In exercise sciences CNS fatigue holds importance which is highly being thought about these days.

Central nervous system fatigue is a complex and phenomenon with many features to it that involves peripheral muscle fatigue and the failure to initiate and sustain voluntary drive to the muscles by the central nervous system.

Exercise has known to drain the CNS just like your muscles. A good intense workout utilises energy and ends up draining your nervous system. Once your nervous system is fatigued all your major or bigger muscle groups are also affected. Hence they advice a minimum of 48 hour window in between workouts of the same muscle group. Unlike muscular fatigue, which allows you to train another body part without negatively affecting your overall performance, central nervous system fatigue requires ample rest and complete recovery to help you hit the gym with the same intensity again. Rest and ample rest is the only way to recover from a fatigue. A good nutrition plan that helps your muscle recover after the wear and tear and a good sleep that helps your CNS recover is the way to go.

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