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Barbell training and its benefits!

Barbell training and its benefits!

To train with dumbbells or barbells is one of the most confusing questions people have. The answer is simple, if you want iso-lateral advantage dumbbell training is the way to go. Yes dumbbells have their place in the training but there are benefits of barbell training as well.

1. Certain exercises are best done on barbell: Exercises like the squats, front squats, lunges can be performed optimally only on a barbell. Imagine performing a heavy squat with 150 lbs dumbbells on each side of your shoulder with your arms wrapped in. Same is the case with the front squats and lunges. Deadlifts have the same case too. Most compound exercises are performed with a barbell.

2. Save time: Sometimes performing barbell based exercises can be time consuming. This is one of the major reasons why people stick to a barbell based training so that they save time. Imagine doing a single hand dumbbell bicep curl in comparison to barbell bicep curls. You will save time in the later.

3. Easy adaptability: It is easier to adapt to a barbell training in comparison to dumbbells training as the range of motion is completed using both hands together. Learning form and technique becomes easier with a barbell than a dumbbell.

4. Heavy weight training: Heavy weight training is possible on a barbell and is always advised on a barbell. That is also why sports like powerlifting, Olympic lifting are practiced on a barbell. Using your entire body to lift a weight lets you lift more and challenge your body more.
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