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Almond flour is a great substitute for anyone looking to remove grains out of their diets.

Almond Flour, is a healthy low carb flour that is very low on carbs and high on dietary fats.
Almond are great for heart health and help maintain healthy heart levels. Since Dietary fats make you fuller as they provide 9 kcal per gram, the food intake is also in better portions unlike in the case of simple carbohydrates where hunger pangs keep repeating every 2-3 hours.

At the university of California, a study to evaluate the effect of almonds and almond meal on colon cancer cells found that whole almonds and almond fractions reduce aberrant crypt foci in an animal model of colon cancer. According to the study’s authors, the results suggest that almond consumption can decrease the risk of colon cancer and almonds’ high healthy fat content is related to its anticancer ability.

Almond Flour is great food in maintaining blood sugar levels. A 2006 study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that for healthy individuals, almonds decrease postprandial glycemic (post-meal blood glucose levels), the presence of insulin in the blood and oxidative damage. Almonds are a great way to control

For anyone who can’t give up on the breads and roti’s here is a great alternative to have a few breads and roti’s just in case you can’t give up on the craving.

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