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A strong core, its importance in various aspects of life.

A strong core, its importance in various aspects of life

A strong core is a great sign for our body. It helps us stay stronger and makes it easy to carry out some of the daily functions of life. The benefits of a strong core are suddenly being spoken about a lot which has also given rise to the word core exercises that are designed specifically to work or strengthen your core.

The involvement of your core muscle is in every activity that you do right from lifting a pen that has fallen on the ground to having bath to running, lifting weights in the gym etc. Everything involves your core and the stronger your core, the better it gets for your body.

Here are a few reasons why you should always look to strengthen your core:

1. Everyday activities: As discussed earlier everyday activities require your core and help in fulfilling them effectively. Right from lifting that file from the cabinet below to picking up your kid from the ground, washing clothes etc all require core muscles. The entire force to do a particular activity is majorly derived from the core.

2. Injuries: A strong core is a great support to the spine, pelvis and joints so that there are minimal injuries when these body parts get involved in activities that a person does.

3. Athletic importance: For athletes in every sport a strong core is of prime importance as they have to use various movements within the body that require the upper and the lower body to act at the same time. As a strong core gives stability to the body athletes have a higher demand for a better core.

4. Hernia: Hernia is a muscle tear that happens in the abdominal area due to various reasons one of which may be a weak core. A weak core is more prone to be injured on lifting any object that’s heavy. Strengthening your core can cut your chances of hernia at the same time also increasing your load lifting capacity.
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