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Why Onions Are Good for You?

Whether white, yellow or red, onions are one of the world’s most popular and versatile vegetables, known for its pungent smell. Onions are mostly used for adding flavor to the recipes.
There are so many benefits of eating Onions in daily life, that you cannot ignore the importance of onion for your health. Listed below are a few of those –
• Improves Immunity: Onions are the abundant sources of manganese that avoids cold and cough. It is very rich in nutrients like vitamin C, B6, iron and potassium that improves immunity system with effective blood functioning for a healthy heart.

• Good for Heart: Eating raw onions daily ensures lowering the bad cholesterol levels, which means your heart is safe from any attacks.

• Improves Mood: Onions has a folic acid called folate which can help in reducing depression. These onions has the ability to cure mood disorders, increase sleep and improve digestion.

• Boosts Stamina: According to health experts, onions can boost up your energy and it is the good source of increasing fertility in men.

• Good for Hair: To get rid of the trouble of hair fall, onion is very effective. Apply onion juice to your hair and rinse it off with water after 30 mins to prevent hair fall.

Nutritional Value:
Quantity – 100g
Calories – 40
Protein – 1.1g
Carbohydrates – 9g (out of which 4.2g sugar and 1.7g fiber)
Fat – 0.1g
Vitamin C – 9% DV
Potassium – 146mg (4% DV)

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