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Sweet Poison – Sugar

Sugar can be a sweet poison when consumed in large quantities and can be detrimental to your health if consumed over a long period of time.


Here are a few reasons why white sugar is not good for consumption, especially in large dosage:


  • Excessive consumption of sugar may lead to weight gain and it is also bad for your teeth.


  • Multiple studies show that people who eat a lot of sugar are at a much higher risk of getting cancer and Diabetes.


  • The problem with Sugar is that it causes high amounts of dopamine release, which is a happy hormone. For this reason, people who consume sugar regularly, become addicted to it.


  • White processed sugars do not have nutrition or minerals, they are totally empty calories, which your body can turn into fat very easily when consumed in excessive amounts whether natural or processed.



It is better to reduce the intake of white sugar and instead go for alternatives like jaggery, honey, stevia, Erythritol etc.

However, 25gms of sugar is the daily recommended limit set by American Heart Association for a 2000 calories diet. Although keep in mind that this 25gms is inclusive of all the sugars that you consume throughout the day, which could include sugar in your dairy, bread etc.



Yes! All substances are poisonous, including water and so is Sugar. It all depends on the dose.

So while some may argue that sugars are not poisonous – because they do not kill immediately – they certainly are slow-acting poisons or toxins.

Keep your intake of sugar in moderation and lead a healthy life!