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Shake Up Top 10

The post workout window is probably one of the most important segments of your day. Cementing your hard work with a great post workout shake is essential, but people often settle for shakes that are bland, boring and repetitive.

Here are my top 10 tips for pumping up your post work out protein shake


  1. By simply adding ice to your shake before blending (this only works if you mix with an electric blender) not only will increase the quantity and fill you up more, but it will also turn your lumpy drink into a smooth ice cream style treat. Not to mention the benefit of cooling you down on a hot day.
  2. If you are struggling to hit your protein targets, don’t simply opt for water to mix your protein with. Skimmed milk has nearly 9g of extra protein to add to your day’s quota and makes the shake taste nicer too.
  3. If you are in need of extra carbs post work out (if you are trying to build up) add a portion of fruit before you blend to turn your shake into a post workout smoothie.
  4. Train in the evening and would rather a dessert than a shake? Simply add a scoop of protein to a bowl of curd and mix thoroughly. You will be left with a lovely bowl of protein.
  5. Buy Vanilla whey and then use that as a base to change flavours. You can add cinnamon or try adding a small amount of cocoa powder to make it a chocolate flavour. Vanilla is the most adaptable flavour and helps you to save money.
  6. Want an extra special treat without the extra calories? Slice a banana and lay on a sheet in a freezer. Once frozen add the banana and a scoop of protein (if using vanilla use a tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder) and then just a small drizzle of milk. Switch on the blender and wait. You may need to scoop the contents back into the middle a few times, but gradually it will combine and then start to expand. You will be left with what looks like ice cream – you must consume straight away.
  7. Never let a mixed protein shake sit. Always drink it straight after mixing as the liquid separates into a horrible mess.
  8. If you like to have a protein shake before you train and do not want to consume a pre work out and a protein shake too close together, simply make an iced coffee (allow your normal coffee to cool or add a few ice cubes) and then add a scoop of protein. Hey presto you have an iced protein latte!
  9. Yes there are tons of amazing flavour proteins out there, but be warned these will taste amazing for a few weeks and will then got shoved to the back of your cupboard when you get sick of the flavour. Sticking with the simple flavours of vanilla and chocolate, allows you to modify them anyway and stops you wasting your money.
  10. When the times comes (and it will) when you just do not want to drink your protein, don’t sweat. Its versatile stuff and can be mixed into oats, pancakes and even made into cakes. Look up some recipes for those days, or keep an eye out for some Physique Global exclusive recipes.

Lucy Doyle is a successful Nutritional Coach and Speaker. After her own 30kg weight loss transformation she set up Lean with Lucy & Co, to help other women avoid industry fads and gimmick diets.