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5 Best Protein Snacks for Office Workers

It is always a test of your willpower to maintain a healthy diet at the office with so many unhealthy and tempting food items of your colleagues like sweets, chips, oily food, cheesy pizza, etc. One of the reasons people don’t stick to their healthy eating habits at the office is because they do not meal prep in advance. It is very important to carry your own homemade health food to the office.

Snacking at regular intervals of time is be good for you as long as you choose healthy foods and in the right proportions. Here is our list of 5 protein snacks that are perfect to carry to the office or can be stored at your office desk –

  • Almonds: Almonds are one of the best snacking options and are easy to carry and store at the office desk. An ounce i.e. 28gms of Almond will provide you with 6g of protein and 14g of healthy fats.
  • Peanut butter Sandwich: Peanut butter sandwich is easy to make and easy to carry high protein snacking options. Make sure to use multigrain bread for your sandwich. Also see to it that the peanut butter that you use should be natural, i.e. it should not have any other ingredient except for peanuts.
  • Protein Bars: Homemade protein bars with added nuts are one of the best snacking options during your busy work routine at the office. If you intend on buying a protein bar from the market, see to it that it is low in sugars and high in fiber.
  • Roasted Chickpeas: Chickpeas are another protein-rich legume that can be added to your list of snacking options. The nutritional profile of chickpeas is similar to that of beans with a bowl of roasted chickpeas providing around 8-10g of protein with 22g of complex carbohydrates.
  • Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt has double the protein content, half the carbohydrate, and sodium count as compared to normal yogurt which makes it one of the best options on our list of protein snacks.