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How does Akshay Kumar maintain his Physique?

How does Akshay Kumar maintain his Physique?

Akshay Kumar, 54, is by far the fittest man in the Bollywood film industry. He leads an extremely disciplined life and is a fitness freak. Akshay believes that a healthy routine is very important for a healthy body. No matter how much work he does, he never lets it tamper with his fitness routine.

From being a trained martial artist to performing his deadly stunts in movies by himself, Akshay is an inspiration to many. The actor maintains a healthy lifestyle and is hardly seen partying late at night.

The actor believes that positive thinking can do wonders in our life. Akshay considers positivity is his success mantra and you, too, can follow the same to lead a healthy life.

Akshay Kumar’s Training Routine:
Akshay doesn’t believe in just following one workout routine. The actor also includes sports in his fitness regime and loves playing basketball and practising kickboxing. Mix and match physical activities is one of the most efficient fitness mantras that Akki follows.

Akshay believes in the natural methods of staying healthy and free of diseases. Akshay once said that he would prefer to climb a 50-storey building twice rather than doing repetitions of dumbbells. His regular practice of martial arts keeps him fit for this action movies and otherwise also helps him maintain his physique.

Early to bed, and early to rise is one of the mantras that Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood follows. The actor sleeps by 9-9:30 pm and wakes up at around 4 or 4:30 am.

“You don’t have to be obsessed with exercising or dieting, the most important thing is to maintain a balanced and active lifestyle.”

Akshay Kumar’s Diet:
Akshay is a self-confessed foodie and while many thinks that the actor follows a particular diet to remain fit and healthy, then, you are mistaken. The actor has many-a-times stated that he is a complete foodie and eats everything from fats, carbs to proteins.

Akshay’s breakfast consists of parathas with a glass of milk, mid-day snack is bowl full of fruits, roti, dal, vegetables, chicken with curd for lunch, soup, salads and vegetables for dinner. And if his food items are not available, then, the actor manages with 4-5 bananas. He eats his dinner by 6:30 pm.

Akshay Kumar’s views on Supplements – “There is a culture among our youth these days of using protein shakes and other supplements. I am really against it and I don’t understand why they take it. They are becoming a product of a product. People have forgotten to have ghee, milk, dahi, lassi and stopped eating home-cooked food. They start losing weight really quickly by this and then they think that it is the right way. But they forget that there are lots of other problems attached to it. There is no shortcut. For everything you have to go through hardwork. If you put on weight in a proper frame of time, then you have to lose also in their proper phase”