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Best exercise for Biceps is not curls Mandy Narula

Best exercise for Biceps is not curls – Mandy Narula

In today era, everyone who is a gym goer wants bigger biceps and there is nothing wrong in it. To be very honest biceps makes you look attractive and who doesn’t want to look good. Big Biceps are one of the fundamentals in looking fit and bulky!  Bodybuilding as a sport requires bulky bodybuilders who are massive and also have big biceps. The main purpose of big biceps is that it helps you look attractive, it benefits you in bodybuilding and many other purposes and benefits come out of big biceps. Size of biceps matters much in lifting weights as it provides more strength to dead lift more weight. Big biceps are the main requirement in bodybuilding competitions to ensure perfect and fit posture! Firstly, let me explain how the biceps muscle works.

Biceps muscle in science is called Biceps Brachii it includes a “short head” and a “long head” that work as a single muscle. The biceps are attached to the arm bones by tough connective tissues called tendons. The tendons that connect the biceps muscle to the shoulder joint in two places are called the proximal biceps tendons.

Now as the science part is over, I know you desperately wanted to know which the best exercise for biceps if it is not curls. For a long time you have heard from your trainers or from your friends that just start doing the biceps curls with dumbbell or take a barbell, stack the weights and lift and you will get big biceps and that is right at some point I won’t be denying that biceps curls won’t give you big biceps I use to think the same way but then a year back I was watching TV and while changing the channel I saw one gymnast doing a static hold on rings and all of a sudden my eyes got stuck on his biceps it was huge and he was ripped then after watching the whole of his static ring hold I started searching gymnast workout routine, and to my shock I got to know they don’t do any biceps dumbbell curls or barbell curls after knowing that my interest became more that how without doing any regular biceps curls they are having these vein popping biceps and I was checking lot of their workout routines and I got to know in all of their workout routines one exercise was common and that was CHIN-UPS you have heard me right it was chin-ups.

I think everyone knows what the chin-ups exercise but people who don’t know what chin up exercise is let me explain to you – Chin-ups are similar to pull-ups in that you grip and hang from a straight, horizontal bar and pull your body up toward the bar, ideally to chest level. The main difference is the grip variation. Chin-ups use a supinated grip, meaning your palms face you. This supinated chin-up grip is also typically narrower than the pull-up grip and can more easily allow you to clear your chest all the way to the bar, compared with the pronated pull-up grip.

And on my bicep’s day from last one year I have started incorporating chin-ups exercise twice a week sometime body weight and sometime weighted chin – ups as well for progression and to my shock just in one month I have saw big difference in my biceps. My biceps definition got improved and size as well. Best part about chin-ups exercise is that you cannot cheat ( form ) in this exercise which you can do in regular biceps curls so if you are doing just one chin up also that would give you a great pump and I am not saying stop doing your regular biceps curls as that is also an important hypertrophy exercise but start incorporating regular chin- ups on your biceps day and see the difference and if you are unable to do multiple chin – ups start doing just one and do multiple sets of 1 repetition and slowly your body will adapt to it and in weeks you would be able to do multiple chin-ups in one go and once your body get used to it start adding weights and make it tougher and you will see your biceps popping like Arnold……. And for the beginners who cannot do a single chin-up as well my advice start using resistance bands and with the help of those bands you would be able to do a single chin-up and once your body gets used to it remove the bands and start using your own body weight. So, on biceps day if you are in a hurry to go home or to work and don’t have time to do multiple exercises of biceps just do 3-4 sets of chin ups till failure and your complete biceps workout is complete. Hope you have liked this article.