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BeSuperhuman – Your Health Is Your Superpower!

BeSuperhuman – Your Health Is Your Superpower!

Biohacking is the art of augmenting and controlling your body in order to improve your overall performance or development in certain areas that you want. A biohacker is somebody who uses science and technology to make his or her body function better and more efficiently. Biohacking aims to improve our overall well-being by optimizing nutrition, sleep, mind, heart, gut, fitness, and any other lifestyle factors that influence our health.

Biohacking is already a megatrend in the US and in Europe, too; the lifestyle is gaining more and more followers. Analysts have forecasted that the global biohacking market will grow annually by 19.4% on average until 2023.

What is BeSuperhuman?
BeSuperhuman is a chain of health optimization centers with a mission to help optimize health by using cutting-edge modalities and services that suit the needs of every individual. Its mission is to educate and make biohacking modalities easier to access so that people can live a longer and more functional life.

Currently operating with 1 health optimization clinic in the UK, Upminster and another coming up in Buckhurst Hill open in early April, BeSuperhuman aims to expand to Dubai in the near future.

Jag Chima, the 42-year-old founder has been involved in the fitness industry since 2008 – he founded Kris Gethin Gyms chain in India, a global fitness mentoring and educating platform called Physique Global and an international talent management company called iPlix. Jag travelled the whole world to experience therapies in places such as California and LA. As part of his research, Jag said he would sit outside the clinic’s location at 6am and “monitor the number of people cycling and running”.

Health Optimization Services Offered:
Be Superhuman offers a range of services, including a full-body cryotherapy chamber, which plummets to temperatures of –85c in a bid to reduce joint and muscle pain, boost metabolism, aid healing and improve energy levels.  

Red light, hyperbaric oxygen, and compression therapies are also available, as well as IV drips, cryotherapy facials, and massage treatments.

The red-light therapy uses near-infrared light which is thought to reduce pain, inflammation and aid recovery, while hyperbaric oxygen therapy aims to increase the rate of recovery, optimize performance and help fight off infection. 
IV therapy allows the vitamins to go right into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive process to give you faster, more effective results.

Compression therapy uses controlled pressure to increase blood flow in your legs and improve blood flow to the heart thereby improving performance and reducing soreness after exercise.

The facility also houses a health bar built in the hope of teaching people to make better choices. All ingredients used in the juices and smoothies are organic and from farm to frozen in a day, meaning they aren’t processed with any chemicals.

Final Thoughts:
Biohacking is more than a buzzword or a fad. Thanks to constant advances in our understanding of how the body works and how it is affected by its environment, biohacking is here to stay.

The aim of Besuperhuman is to make health optimization modalities more accessible for everyone but more importantly educate people on the steps that can be taken to improve health, stay healthier, fitter and live a longer functional life.