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Will lifting weights make women bulky?

There’s been a misconception in the world of weight lifting for years that lifting weights will make females bigger or “bulky”. Women are afraid to lift weights because they fear getting bulky, and by that, they generally mean gaining a significant amount of muscle mass.

On the contrary, lifting weight and supplementing it with a very healthy, nutrient-dense diet, proper exercise programs and recovery techniques will help you achieve a lean, firm, tight, athletic body.

Here are some of the reasons why women should lift weights:

  • Lifting weights will help cultivate a lean figure and good posture.
  • It will provide a calorie burn that lasts the entire day.
  • It will help with general metabolism, energy levels, and sleep.
  • It will improve bone density and help keep away osteoporosis in later life.
  • It will improve your general mood.
  • You’ll lose unwanted fat and fit into your skinny jeans.


Final Word:

Women DO NOT get bulky from lift weights. Women do not have nearly enough testosterone in their bodies to ‘bulk up’. In fact, the average female has about 15-20 times less testosterone than men do. Testosterone aids in muscle building. Since men have more of this hormone, they build muscle at a quicker and easier rate than women do.

Fact of the matter is lifting weights won’t make you big. You won’t look like a man. It will actually enhance your feminine curves. So go hit the gym and lift some heavy weights!