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Top 5 tips for skinny guys to help build muscle

We hear people complaining that they eat so much but never gain any weight! This is generally common in people with ectomorph body types.

Our advice would be to stop wasting your time on endless workouts and crappy diets and implement these 5 tips in your daily routines. You are sure to build muscle and go from skinny to muscular.

  1. Hire a Qualified Health Coach: Most gyms offer personal trainers and dietitians, so utilize such services to avoid injuries in the weight room and determine your nutritional needs for optimal results. 
  1. Drink your calories: Liquid calories are far easier to get down than solid food, making them a boon for skinny guys. Throw protein powder, milk, peanut butter, oats into a blender to make delicious, easy-to-drink “meals.” These are far healthier and cheaper than weight-gain powders, and they’ll make it a lot easier to hit your daily totals. 
  1. Increase your Protein intake: Protein is the building block for muscle growth. Aim to consume 1g of protein/pound of your body mass. Muscles are also only capable of absorbing an approximate 30 grams of protein during each meal, so space out protein throughout the day to achieve daily requirements. 
  1. Be consistent: The most important tip would be to be consistent and follow your diet and training plan if you really want to make progress. Skipping workouts and missing meals should not be an option. You need to be dedicated enough if you want to get big and pack on some serious muscle mass. 
  1. Allow Recovery time: While strength training is step 1 in the muscle-building process, recovery is absolutely critical to bare any sort of results. Nonetheless, muscles grow when resting, not when you are working out. Fuel your body at regular intervals and with adequate amounts of macro and micro nutrients. Keep yourself hydrated and sleep for at least 7-9 hours each night.