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Is non-vegetarian food good or bad for health?

A lot of debate has gone in deciding as to which diet stands better, vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

While vegetarian diets may have their benefits non-vegetarian diet also has its own set of benefits and has been followed by performance-driven sports for long now.

It is known to be rich in various vital nutrients and amino acids. Also, a meat-based diet is said to be the one that humans evolved with.

As agriculture is a recent phenomenon it is believed that humans were primarily a meat-eating population than grains.

· Non-veg diet is a great source of complete protein. The amino acid profile that requires any food item to possess all the 9 non-essential amino acids that the body can’t make is present in non-veg food.

Every animal product is a great source of complete protein right from Meat to curd to paneer which is derived from milk.

· Animal products are also a great source of good fats that increase your HDL thereby reducing your LDL in the body.

The fats found in the egg yolk are of great help to the body. Some of the hormones in the body like the sex hormones are also made up of fat.

· Non-vegetarian food sources are also a great source of iron and vitamin B12. A deficiency in these two elements might result in less energy, fatigue, etc.

Including animal products in your diet will result in supplying your body with optimum quantities of these elements.

· All non-veg foods are also very thermogenic as they take time to be digested, which results in the body using up a lot of energy for their digestion.

The result is an elevated BMR level and high-fat burning capacities in the body. Therefore, for anyone who plans to go on a fat loss diet, it is advisable to go on a High Protein along with some fibers which will add to the further digestion time of food.

· A lot of animal products are great sources of calcium. Calcium is one of the most essential minerals for bone, teeth, nails, etc. in the body.

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