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Cold showers increases testosterone?

You just got done with your super HIIT workout, and with all the sweat and stank on your body,

It’s time to hit the showers! As you get ready to turn the shower knob to Boil.

So, let’s jump right into the stone-cold Topic. What is all the rage for cold showers?
Let’s first look at the biggest claim: Cold showers increasing testosterone. And with a quick observation of related studies, it’s quite conclusive that the effects of Cold showers on testosterone is negligible at best.

In fact, some suggest that cold water immersion Might decreases serum testosterone.

Comparison to using active recovery, such as low-intensity cardio cycling, cold water Can hinder muscle building factors such as T-building luteinizing hormones, muscle satellite Cells, and muscle protein synthesis via inhibiting the motor pathway.

Cold water also reduces inflammation, which Might actually work against muscle hypertrophy Since inflammation can serve as a growth signal. And as the study show, the subjects did indeed

See smaller gains in muscle and strength with Post-workout cold water immersion but even though it’s not the best for maximizing Gains, there are still some possible benefits to taking cold showers.
Cold water has been shown to increase t helper Cells and lymphocytes, which can improve your Immune system. There’s also some indication that it can
Increase anti-oxidants. Showers might also have an anti-depressive Effect.
In terms of fitness, there is a chance that Taking cold showers can help burn more fat.
And finally, as mentioned earlier, cold showers Can reduce inflammation.
Although not the best thing for muscle growth, the reduction in inflammation, which leads to a reduction of metabolites, can slightly Aid in reducing muscle soreness.