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Can running cause knee injury?

There is a common misconception that running is responsible for inflammation and injury. People link running with arthritis but it is not true. Knee joint is itself a complex joint. Let’s understand the anatomy of knee joint, it comprises of bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles and tendons. The parts of the knee work together to main proper function.

Injury can be due to various reasons such as weak ligaments, muscular imbalance, wear and tear of cartilage etc. Understanding the biomechanics of knee joint is the critical part to determine the cause of injury. When you encounter an injury, which then changes the way you move or the way you move can cause an injury. The easiest part, if an injury is causing deformity in movement so fix that injury and change the way you move. But the most difficult part is to understand and identify why people moving in that way and how that is causing an injury.

If there is a problem in any component or part of the knee, so for the functioning other part will have to compensate for that and even the hip and a foot which can easily compensate on that.

So running may not be the culprit behind the pain and injury, it may be due to the faulty biomechanics of the knee joint. The problem can be a clinical or biomechanical problem and therefore addressing the right area is a critical part.