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5 things you MUST do before hitting the gym

A perfectly planned pre-workout routine is much more important that we think. It is essential to prepare yourself for the weightlifting session to have an effective workout and thereby produce the results you desire.

Here is out checklist of 5 most important things to do before going to the gym that will help you make the most out of your gym session.

  1. Pre-workout meal: Make sure to consume your pre-workout meal at least an hour or two before your workout. Prefer carbs and protein rich meal which is optimal to fuel your workout.
  2. Hydrate yourself: Hydrating yourself before your workout is essential. The amount of water that you should consume varies from individual to individual, but as a thumb rule, consume half a liter of water at least half an hour before gymming.
  3. Sleep well: Your body needs quality sleep, especially if you’re involved with the kind of demanding physical activities such as weight training. A well-rested body has a better mechanism and will help you feel more energetic at the Gym.
  4. Take your pre-workout supplements: Caffeine has been studied as an effective performance-enhancing aid in endurance athletics, making it a good go-to for highly active people. Drink a cup of coffee half an hour before hitting the gym.
  5. Have a plan: Make sure that you have a plan or the workout split in your mind before you hit the gym. This will remove all the guesswork during the workout session and can help make your workout more efficient.