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4 Reasons you’re not seeing results in the Gym

Many people find themselves wondering as to why does their body not change. A lot of reasons ranging from genetics, lifestyle etc. There are some that are under your control while some that are to be dealt with a good lifestyle that helps you overcome them.

  1. Consistency: One of the key elements of that defines a change in the body is the consistency. Keeping track of your meals, workouts etc. Making sure progressive overload is being done at regular intervals etc. Working out extensively for 2 months and then letting yourself loose for the next 2 is only going to keep you circling.
  1. Knowledge: IF you aren’t knowledgeable enough about the fitness or nutrition, get a good personal trainer who knows the right sciences and teaches you the proper techniques to achieve your fitness goals. Make sure you choose the right certified trainer who knows the latest advancements rather than a well-built uncertified guy who will teach you on basis of bro science and his own experiences.
  1. Supplementation: Your nutritional requirements are in fact based on their priority in each individual’s case. A lot of times individuals do not understand how to prioritize their supplement needs and jump the pyramid without even knowing what might work for them. Start from the base which consists of the macros, moving on to the micros followed by standalone amino acids and lastly the ergogenic. Some forget the macros and jump onto the ergogenic and stand-alone amino acids thinking it might give them results. Here again consult a sports nutritionist will be able to give you sound nutrition advice.
  1. Rest and Recovery: One of the most neglected aspects of our growth. Rest and recovery play a vital role in the development of our body. An intense exercise requires a good resting period for it recover. Also, the growth hormone is released during your sleep which aids in recovery, muscular development and overall betterment of your physique. This is also one of the reasons why bodybuilders talk a lot about their sleep patterns and resting periods.