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3 Tips to get rid of Dandruff Permanently

Dandruff is a common hair and scalp problem that affects millions of people across the globe.

Dandruff itself can result in a host of scalp problems like dryness, itchiness, greasy patches on the scalp, hair loss, etc. which is why it is important to keep dandruff at bay.

If you are one of those many individuals suffering from dandruff and subsequent hair loss issues worry not because we are sharing our top 3 tips to get rid of dandruff and get a healthy, shinier and fuller hair –

1. Nutrition: Eliminate or eat less of simple carbs such as Bread, White Rice, Potatoes, Pasta, any starchy food as these may further worsen the condition.

These also very often are the cause of other skin issues like dermatitis and eczema.

2. Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Essential Oil is an excellent antiseptic that has strong antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

This helps kill the germs, yeast, and fungus that are responsible for causing excessive dandruff. Mix a couple of drops of tree tea oil with almond or coconut oil and apply it over your scalp 3-4 times a week.

3. Use an Anti-dandruff Shampoo: This is a no brainer, but it is essential to pick the right product, else the harmful chemicals in some of the products may make the condition worse.

Go for a mild, all-natural shampoo and use it every alternate day for best results.

Final word:

Make sure that you indeed have dandruff. A lot of people commonly mistake dry scalp for dandruff and then use products for dandruff, which in turn, makes their dry scalp worse.

Use mild shampoos as harsh chemicals can disturb the pH of your scalp and cause dryness of scalp and skin, further leading to dandruff.

Drink lots of water as this can keep you hydrated and help maintain the natural moisture balance of your skin and scalp.

Do visit a good dermatologist if you are unable to get rid of dandruff even after implementing these tips.

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