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3 Exercises to Strengthen your Calf Muscles

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One of the most overlooked muscles in the calf muscle. Most of the people do follow a regular workout schedule but neglect calves but giving equal importance to calves can lead to amazing benefits. Most of the people train calf for aesthetic purposes. But calf muscle plays a more important

How Pumpkin Seeds Help Boost Your Sperm Count

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Pumpkin seeds are packed with calcium, magnesium, potassium and are also rich source of antioxidants and polyunsaturated & fatty acids (PUFAs).Let’s look at some of the many scientifically proven health benefits of Pumpkin seeds – Boosts immunity: Pumpkin seeds play a major role in boosting the immune system function and

Superfood- Why is Ragi good for you?

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Ragi or Finger millet is a great source of good carbohydrates and is widely used in a lot of parts in India instead of wheat. Nachni as it is called in some parts of India, is also a part of the staple food.For anyone looking for a healthier source of

What is Pre-Exhaust Training?

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A common training term that we hear often is pre-exhaust training. Pre-exhaust as the name suggests refers to a training pattern where you start your training by exhausting a muscle by performing isolation exercises and then later move on to compound exercises for an overall breakdown.Besides the fact that your

Benefits of Swimming

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Swimming is a great activity to help stay lean and keep your body in shape. One of the benefits of swimming is that it works on your muscles as well. The amount of calories burnt in swimming is more than those burnt in jogging. So one can inculcate a day