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This is How Disha Patani maintains her Perfect Body

Disha Patani is considered amongst the fittest actresses in Bollywood right now. If you need some motivation to get yourself started on your fitness goals, just go and check out the Instagram handle of Disha Patani and get inspired. She keeps surprising her fans with cool workout and dance videos every now and then.

Dedication towards her fitness routine and consistent hard work has helped Disha achieve a super-toned physique that many women would die for.

Disha follows a badass workout routine and diet to maintain her abs. Here’s a little more about Disha Patani training routine and diet plan –

Disha Patani’s Training Routine:

Disha Patani’s fitness routine is a mix of high-intensity training and other activities like kickboxing which she loves. She works out twice a day and usually follows cardio, kickboxing, dancing, gymnastics in the morning, while in the evening she does weight training.

While doing the weight training, she does go for heavyweights. Disha also believes that wearing the right shoes according to your feet is extremely important while working out. She also performs Yoga and meditation whenever she gets time.

Disha never misses the gym and makes sure that she completes her workout routine daily. She is always ready to try something new. She loves to expand her horizons and is always eager to learn new ways to work out.

Disha Patani’s Diet:

Disha Patani follows a strict routine that involves foods that are rich in protein and vitamins. Her typical breakfast includes egg toast, milk, and juice. Fruits and juices are part of her lunch. Whereas for dinner she keeps it simple with vegetable salad, dal with brown rice. Almonds and peanuts are her favorite mid-day go-to snacks.

Disha makes sure that her lunch has a mix of complex carbs and protein, while in dinner the focus is on protein intake. She also drinks a lot of water throughout the day to keep herself hydrated.

Disha has a weakness for desserts and she just can’t do without them. She does cheat on her diet once a week to eat the dessert of her choice. In fact, she believes that this keeps her motivated throughout the week and makes her work harder.

With dedication and hard work, it is possible for everyone to achieve a great body like Disha Patani.