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6 beauty essentials Every woman should invest in!

I do not suggest you guys go right away and purchase these things, but to be perfect in this fast-moving world, every woman should have invested in these by the time they turn 25. Trust me it will serve well for your entire life. Hey, don’t worry, you are in good company. I’ll help you out with these essential things every woman should possess. 

  1. A perfect foundation – The right foundation is the most important aspect of any good makeup. The perfect foundation is subjective, it is important to understand your skin type- is it dry in winters? Or is it oily in summers? Do you tend to get tanned easily? Etc because the same foundation might not always work all the time. You might have to pick a darker shade if you get tanned. So hit up a store next to you and try those different shades. 
  2. Beauty Blender: When running underwater, the sponge absorbs moisture and allows your makeup to sit on the surface. Be it your concealer, foundation, cream blushes, or powder, this amazing tool helps you to blend perfectly for a seamless finish ( not to forget- clean them after every use ). 
  3. Lipstick: Hunt down for a perfect lip shade- be it your nudes or a dark red that you would want to wear every day that have great formulas. 
  4. Anti-aging night cream: Prevention is better than cure they say, so it’s never too late to start using an anti-aging cream to combat the signs of aging. Which one to use depends on your skin and its concerns.
  5. Eye Cream: An effective eye cream that has vitamin C, caffeine shows great results for brightening and reducing inflammation. The regular moisturizers or sunscreens help to maintain hydration to a certain point but they can’t address the problems that arise in the concerned areas. So, before you hit the bed, after applying your night cream, take a small amount of your eye cream, dab it using your ring finger rather than rubbing it.
  6. A good hairbrush: a professional hairbrush that glides through any hair type, stimulates the scalp, and increases the blood flow. Invest in a high-quality brush that lasts long. 

Above all, invest in yourself. There is nothing better you can do for yourself than investing in your own health. Eat healthily, sleep well, work out every day, take vitamins, and your good health will show.