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Should You Train Your Neck?

The short answer is yes; you should be training your neck muscles. Imagine a person with a muscular physique and a skinny neck, it just doesn’t look right.

The neck is one of the most important and underrated muscle groups for aesthetics.

Neck training needs to be an integral part of your program, whether you’re an athlete or not.
The muscles of the neck are small, but it’s essential to work them all in every range of motion.

Listed below are the three ranges of motion that you need to be doing, preferably with gentle resistance, to strengthen your neck:

1. Forward and Backwards (Nodding yes motion)

2. Side to Side (ear to shoulder left and right)

3. Rotationally (turning clockwise and counter-clockwise)

*Importance of Neck training:*

• With appropriate training, one can increase strength and muscle mass around the neck, thereby reducing the risk of getting hurt.

• New and recent studies show that strong neck muscles can decrease the severity of a concussion, or even prevent a concussion from occurring at all.

• A strong neck contributes to Improved Balance & Posture and better mobility.

• If you suffer from the double chin regardless of how much weight you lost, then training your neck is the absolute solution.

Double chin comes from the loose skin around your face and neck, which can be tightened by regular neck training.

• If you gain the right amount of size in your neck, you will look more masculine and more intimidating.

*Precautions while training neck:*

The neck is one of the most sensitive body part and if you’re training it for the first time make sure you take the below precautions –

• Start slowly
• Don’t go too heavy
• Don’t use extreme ranges of motion
• There should never be a pain, or even discomfort in the neck when training it.
• Have an experienced trainer to help you with the form, thereby eliminating any chances of injury.


If you want to look jacked, then include neck training in your weekly workout routine and sculpt that superhero-like neck which you can boast of.

The bigger and thicker neck makes you infinitely cooler and more badass and it’s a life insurance policy!