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What type of stretching before the workout?

One of the most important part our training which we overlook is flexibility training. Most of the people come into the gyms and directly jump into the workout without proper warm up. Doing this, performance will be compromised and chances of injury will be more. There are several methods to improve flexibility and all of them involve some form of stretching.

There are various types of stretching and each has significant benefits but the most crucial part is which type of stretching to be done and when. Before the workout dynamic stretching should be performed. Dynamic stretching is a form of stretching that incorporates movement along with muscle tension development. Dynamic stretching should mimic the type of activity we are going to do in the workout.

Dynamic stretches should begin with small ROM (range of motion) and progressing to larger ROM and each activity should be performed with 10-12 repetitions.

There are various benefits of flexibility training such as it can help to correct muscular imbalance, reducing joint stress, increase in joint ROM (range of motion), decrease in excessive tension in our muscles and aids in improving kinesthetic awareness or where is our body in time and space.