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Should you lift heavy weight?

Heavy Weight Training, a subjective concept. We often hear people saying that they train heavy. Training heavy is a very subjective concept as it depends upon the person’s ability to lift a certain amount of weight for a certain number of repetitions. Training heavy does not simply mean you lift immense weights, but lifting weights that you lift with a complete range of motion and rep range to achieve the desired results.
Most people in the gym lift weights that are so heavy with which they can barely complete even 50% of the range for that workout. Some resort to ego lifting just because their partners are lifting heavy or others in the gym are lifting heavy.
We all train at a certain degree of expertise, some may have just started, some have been training for a few years while some have been training for a decade. The amount of time and strength you have gained over a period of time also defines your strength. So for someone to walk into the gym a few months back cannot expect himself to be lifting weights that a guy who has been lifting for years does.
Therefore, heavy training is subjective and will vary, one has to lift weights that are heavy for him and not for someone else.