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Resistance Band Home Workout Plan

Here is a great and very effective Elastic Band Workout for you which can be done at home. You may use a soft Median elastic band for this workout. Make sure to use an elastic band that has good elasticity with resistance.
The below Circuits can be done at least 2 times per week or as per your goals.

*Circuit A:*
Do 5 sets of each exercise, back to back with no rest in between the sets :ok_hand::skin-tone-3:
Do 10 REPS for each of the exercise variations.
Exercise 1- Side Bend.
Exercise 2- Side Bend Knee Raise.
Exercise 3- Squat & Single Row.
Exercise 4- Single Arm Push.
Exercise 5- Woodchop.

*Circuit B*:
Do 5 sets of each exercise back to back with no rest in between the sets.
Do 10 REPS for each exercise variation too.
Exercise 1- Deadlift.
Exercise 2- Deadlift & Bend Over Row.
Exercise 3- Bend Over Row.
Exercise 4- Killer Stand Side Kicks

Elastic band home workout plan by Physique Global Team member @andreiabrazier

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