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Q angle and anterior knee pain


Do you feel knee pain very often, well there are numerous causes of anterior knee pain but one may be due to excessive Q angle. Q angle is the angle between the line passing from the ASIS(anterior superior iliac spine)joining the centre of patella and the line passing through the centre of patella through tibial tuberosity.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome is the result of excessive Q angle, altheles particularly females are affected by patellofemoral pain syndrome because females have larger Q angle due to the wider pelvis. Normal Q angle range for males is 14 degree and for females is 18 degree.

         Muscular imbalance at the knee joint alters the pull of patella which results in pain, maltracking of patella. So strengthening of weaker muscles and stretching of tighter muscles should be done and proper biomechanics should be achieved through a rehabilitation program.