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How to get rid of Dark Circles?

Dark circles are patches of darkened skin beneath the eyes. The layer of skin around the eyes is thinnest thereby showing the blood vessels and the blood in it more visibly that any other part of the body.

Not only do these under-eye circles make you look much older than what you actually are, but they also have you looking ill or unhealthy.

Let’s take a look at some of the main causes of dark circles and what can be done in order to get rid of them.


  • Dark circles under the eyes are a common occurrence in people who do not get enough sleep. Excessive stress can also be one of the major causes.
  • Junk, alcohol, smoking, preservative-heavy food and lack of greens and adequate nourishing food in your diet over a period of time can be one of the top causes of dark circles.
  • Certain allergies can also cause dark circles, so treat them immediately with the help from a doctor.
  • Nutritional deficiencies especially iron as well as other vitamins, nutrients or minerals deficiency could lead to under eye area appearing much darker.
  • Caffeine and foods high in sodium cause the body to retain water, thereby causing eye puffiness.


  • A good night’s sleep, with an extra pillow to elevate your head, is a good way to reduce eye puffiness. 7-8 hours of daily sleep is recommended.
  • Avoiding consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is very important in our quest to get rid of those dark circles.
  • When you don’t drink enough water, collagen (protein found in skin) breaks down faster. This causes the skin around the eyes to look thinner hence the dark circles. So to avoid dark circles, drink enough water and always stay hydrated.
  • Cucumber slices are a popular facial treatment. To treat dark circles under your eyes just place a couple of slices over your eyelids for instant calm. It’s an inexpensive and simple treatment. It is based on cold compression technique, wherein the cold reduces blood vessel expansion and puffiness.
  • Vitamin K is best to treat under eye circles. So eat Vitamin K rich food that can help you to reduce your dark circles. Also include vitamin B12 rich foods in your diet.
  • Major health organizations recommend to consume no more than 2300mg of sodium daily. So limit your intake of foods with high sodium levels. Processed and packaged foods are very high in sodium and should be avoided.

If you try the above remedies and your dark circles or puffy eyes fail to show any improvement, you should make an appointment with your doctor.