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Build a bigger back with Pull ups!

Pull-ups are one of the most convenient and effective forms of compound exercises that can be done without any equipment. Adding Pull-ups to your workout routine will gives you stronger back and also engage the numerous muscles groups at one time making it a compound movement.

Many trainer and fitness expert strongly recommend pull-ups for achieving the great overall physique. The pull-ups is the best workout building the upper body muscles like biceps, triceps, back and shoulders etc.

Let’s find out some of the benefits of pull ups which makes it the king of all Back exercises –

  • Sculpt an amazing back: Having stronger back muscles means having better posture because you can more easily hold yourself up. Weak back muscles often lead to having back pain, something which nobody wants to have.
  • Increases Grip strength: The pull-up is the ideal exercise for making the grip stronger. While doing the pull-up you have to lift your entire body while hanging on the bar which leads to stronger fingers and wrist.
  • Convenient to do: Since pull-ups do not require any such equipment, they can be done anytime and anywhere. All you need is a strong bar to hang yourself on.
  • Works multiple muscles simultaneously: One of the main benefit of pull-ups is that it works on the entire upper body muscles group such as shoulder, upper back, chest, triceps and biceps.


Final Word:

If you can’t do pull-ups right now, don’t worry, start out by doing weight assisted pull-ups using bands. Keep track of your progress and go on decreasing the weight each week, so you are pulling more of the load. This way you will be able to pull yourself up without any weight after a few weeks. And then slowly start increasing the number of repetitions each week.

Pull-ups are often overlooked but the popularity of cross fit in the recent times has made them more commonly performed which is a good thing because they are a great exercise.

So next time you go to gym and its back day, make sure your start your workout with this amazing upper body exercise!

Let us know in the comment section how many pull-ups were you able to do in a single go?