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Benefits of Cardiovascular training in achieving a overall healthy body.

One of the most common mistakes people do in their training plans is to exclude cardio as it is usually associated with fat loss. When people train for muscle gaining goal cardio is mostly ignored as even trainers advice against it. Although cardio may not directly support muscle mass gain, an effective cardio training embedded in your strength program will help your perform better in the later.


Cardiovascular exercises help improve your heart rate which in turn will also help you during your strength training sessions. Also a person working out should try and achieve overall fitness and not just focus on one aspect. This will help an overall healthy physique that is also helping you lead a healthy life away from the weight room.


Here are a few benefits of cardiovascular training and how they will benefit you in overall fitness.


  1. Improved heart rate: An improved and better heart rate will not only improve your cardio vascular endurance but also reduce the rick of heart related diseases which are very common today.


  1. Burn excess body fat: The excess body fat which is a reason for a whole array of diseases starting from heart disease to diabetes, strokes, blood pressure etc. It helps burn the body fat which in turn makes you fitter both inside and in your appearance.


  1. Improves Brain health: Harvard Health Publications reported regular cardiovascular exercises can improve your brain health. The findings came from a study done by the University of British Columbia. The research found that sweaty, heart pumping aerobic exercises done regularly helped increase the size of hippocampus, the brain area related to verbal memory and learning.


  1. Better Sleep: Irregular sleep is one of the major reasons for major health ailments like, obesity, diabetes and depression. With our current hectic lifestyle sleep is the most neglected activity of the day. Research suggests that cardio exercises performed on a regular basis may help in improving sleep quality.


  1. Improved bone Density: Although most people would want to ignore this benefit but as you age this is one of the most common problem people face. According to a study, when women between the age 35 to 45 perform exercise consisting of warm-up, aerobic jumps, stretching and cool-down, it increase lumbar spine and femoral neck BMD (bone mineral density) by 2%.


So if you want a complete healthy body that will help you lead a better life in your day to day activities it is best that you combine strength training and cardio vascular exercises in your training routine. This will help you achieve an overall fit body and also a mind that’s fresh.