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5 reasons to do PULLUPS everyday

Pull-ups are one of the most convenient and effective forms of compound exercises.

Doing pull-ups every day can create amazing, physique changing results. Listed below are a few reasons to incorporate pull-ups in your daily exercise routine –

1. Compound Exercise: Doing pull-ups involves the use of several muscles such as your lats, traps, deltoids, pecs, biceps, forearms and triceps muscles.

This makes pullups a super-effective compound movement.

2. Minimal Gym Equipment: Pull-ups can be performed with minimal gym equipment.

You can do them anywhere if you have a relatively high platform to hang unto and pull yourself from the ground.

This means that you can do them every day, even if you don’t feel like going to the gym.

3. V-shaped back: Ever seen people with a V-shaped back?

Pull-ups are the reason.
Regular pull-ups help increase the width of your lats, giving the body a V-shape a physique that looks attractive and powerful.

4. Weight Loss: One of the most important benefits of doing pullups daily is that it will help you lose weight.

Pullups, being a compound movement, increases your growth hormone secretion and body metabolism which in turn helps you get rid of that extra fat.

5. Increases Grip Strength: Having a strong grip is crucial if you want to add strength to your deadlifts, back rows, and countless other “pulling exercises” Doing pull-ups for a while will most certainly improve your grip strength.

Final Word:
Stronger arms, a stronger back, and a stronger core are just some of the few things that pullups can do for you, not to mention they contribute to cardio health and weight loss too.

Start doing them daily and you will soon notice a change in your overall fitness levels.