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3 tips for fixing Muscle Imbalances

Muscle imbalances are natural. We all have it. In some cases, it’s hardly noticeable, and in other cases it’s quite prominent. However, we can also cause imbalances by lifting weights with incorrect form / technique.

So here are our top 3 and easy to implement tips if you want to fix the misbalancing muscles and sport an amazing physique –

  1. Variation is the key: Make sure to mix up the type of exercises for each muscles group. For example, your 3 chest presses (decline, flat, and incline) all hit a different part of your chest. Supplementing free weights with cables and body weight exercises can improve balance too.
  1. Train all muscles equally: We see so many people in the gym focusing on their upper body and anterior (front) muscles or the so called show off muscles. Make sure to incorporate exercises for your lats, delts, glutes, hamstrings into your routine. And please don’t be the guy who skips leg day.
  1. Focus on your weaker muscle group: Your primary goal should be to increase the work capacity of the out of proportion body part to help bring it in line with the rest of your physique. If you’re trying to fix or even prevent a muscle imbalance always train your weaker side first or may even add an extra workout for the weaker body part to help bring it in line with the rest of your physique.

Final Word:

By implementing these tips you’ll be able to eradicate pain, get stronger and generally be able to move around more freely.

Go hit the gym and start practicing the above techniques during your workout and you are sure to reap the rewards of improved posture and balanced muscle in no time at all.

And always remember to listen to your body and find what works best for you.