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What is osteoporosis and how can we avoid it.

What is osteoporosis and how can we avoid it

Osteoporosis is a disease where the bone density or body starts losing bone and is not making it either. This results in the bones turning brittle and susceptible easily to injuries. Osteoporosis is infact the elevated stage of osteopenia where the density of the bone is not at its peak but not low enough to be called osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is one of the major illness affecting a lot of people these days. Osteoporosis can be highly challenging especially for elderly people as they are more at a risk of breaking their bones with the lack of strength in both their joints and muscles.

Here are a few way to keep your bones healthy to try and avoid osteoporosis:

1. Calcium supplementation: Ensure calcium supplementation is optimum so that your bones have adequate calcium in them. When the calcium levels in the blood drop your bones start giving up calcium to maintain adequate levels of calcium thereby becoming weaker.

2. Exercise: Weight training and muscle strengthening form of exercise stimulate bone formation and also slow down age related bone loss. Jumping, Skipping etc are examples of weight bearing exercises while performing strength training exercises in the gym are examples of the later.

3. Avoid carbonated drinks: The worst thing you can ever do to your body is have carbonated drinks. These drink source the calcium from your body and thereby making your bones brittle and weak. Carbonated drinks are also bad from a calorie perspective where they give you the most unhealthy calories available.

4. Get enough sleep: A study conducted on adults over 50 years old who slept less than 6 hours on a daily basis were more at risk of osteoporosis.
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