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Understanding ‘Movement Preparation

Movement Prep, as the term suggests, prepares your body for movement. It’s a series of innovative and dynamic movements that increase your core temperature, prepare your nervous system for physical activity and strengthen your body. Movement preparation is said to be a better alternative to the traditional warm-up exercises yielding long-term flexibility benefits.
It is s series of movements where you actively involve your muscles performing around 5-10 repetitions of each exercise. Movement preparation feels like a part of the workout, unlike the usual stretching routine which we find reasons to skip more often. Movement preparation includes elements like general movement, dynamic stretching, hip activation, movement integration etc which are performed in the form of series.

A difference between traditional static stretching and Movement Prep is that the goal of the former is to relax muscles, to allow you to get into a stretched position and hold it. in movement preparation, the goal is to contract the muscle in order to activate them by squeezing the muscles. This results in a better long-term increase in mobility and flexibility of the muscles.

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