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The importance of having a quantifiable fitness goal

Fitness as a whole is a very generic term and will have different meaning and importance to individuals. Since each body type is different people train for various fitness goals and direct their training patterns accordingly. Most end up not sticking to their goals and lose track of their training.

One of the best ways to stay on track and stick to your plans is to set quantifiable fitness goals. Quantifiable fitness goals are nothing but setting a number to your fitness goals. When people say they want to look thin, or lose fat its an understood statement that their training will focus a lot of exercises that will help them burn fat faster and eating foods that also help elevate their metabolism but having a exact know how of their goal would be to quantify the number that they want to reach in a month/quarter/6 months. This will help set up a batter training plan and also mapping of your progress becomes utmost important here which will result in better focus throughout.

Same is the case if you are training for a marathon. You have to set up realistic quantifiable goals that will help achieve your overall final goal of being able to run a marathon for a particular distance. Set up distances that you will achieve in the first 2 weeks of training and accordingly map your improvement. But having those small number driven goals is very important to analyse and improve along with taking cautionary measures if required. This practice will help the athlete to avoid a major loss at the end phase of the training as any alarming situation can be analysed and improved upon way in advance.

Setting up quantifiable goals also helps to asses if you are getting the desired results from the trainer you have hired to help achieve your fitness end goals.

One of the most important aspect of setting up quantifiable goals is to be realistic about yourself and then go forward with the numbers you want to achieve. Being realistic would include your training frequency, lifestyle, previous workout history etc with respect to intensity mapping.
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