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Push Press: A great move to improve shoulder strength.

Push Press: A great move to improve shoulder strength

The advanced version of a strict shoulder press is the push press. The push press is a movement where you generate force with the help of your squat like movement. It is although not a complete squat but deep enough to help you generate the kinetic force in order to be able to push the bar above your head. Unlike the strict press this exercise is more dynamic and explosive in nature. It allows for more strength to be used during the exercise and also helps break the weight plateau.

The push press involves the quads, calves, core, deltoids and triceps as the primary muscles while involving other muscles as stabilizer and assisting muscles.

The push press is also a very functional exercise which replicates real life situations of trying to keep an heavy object on a height. For any exercise that provides functional and real life application is a must exercise to follow for anyone who is not an athlete.

The push press is also a very easy exercise to master unlike the clean and jerk or just the jerk. The easy movement of the exercise also allows for the weights to go up very easily.

The push press is a great movement to break the weight plateau on your normal presses as you can use a bigger force to push heavier weights.

The push press also helps build better muscle coordination as the right muscles have to be contracted and relaxed at the right intervals.

Since it is a explosive movement, it is a great to develop raw power in the deltoids.
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