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Himalayan Rock Salt, a healthier alternative to common salt.

Himalayan Rock salt is one of the most mineral rich salt available to us. It is also known as pink rock salt because of its distinctive pale pink color. The crystals of Himalayan salt are in their purest forms because the area where they are seen as not only one of the richest salt areas in the world but also they are believed to be composed of remnants of the original primal sea. In comparison to the normals salt, Himalayan salt is far better as table salt, which is treated with chemicals and anti-caking agents. So a naturally occurring salt would be a much better option.

Himalayan rock salt is high in sodium, which is essential for your body to function properly. In addition to regulating blood volume and pressure, sodium helps your nerves transmit information, is used in muscle contractions and is required for numerous heart functions.

The Himalayan Rock salt comprises of 84 minerals include some of the trace minerals which otherwise would not be available to you even from other food sources. Therefore it is an important source of these minerals.

Another great benefit of the Himalayan Rock salt is the naturally occurring nature, unlike the common salt which has bleaching and anti-caking agents. The anti-caking agent brings side-effects like constipation as well as kidney issues.

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