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Eating on Smaller Plates

In this day and age, it’s practically impossible to type ‘How to lose weight’ in the google search bar and not run into a post that talks about eating less. Chances are you, you just ran into this post via the same process. But today we have an interesting way to help you and that is to help you, well, ‘eat less’.

It’s not about what you eat or how much you eat. Instead, it’s about what you put your food

So, what happens if they change the size of the plate?

Studies found that going from a traditional 12-inch plate to a 10-inch plate reduced the amount of food the subjects without affecting how full and satisfied they felt.

These smaller meals led to a 22% calorie reduction. Take 22% of that, and you’re eating about 450 fewer calories each day. That means that you can theoretically lose up to 48 pounds in a year simply by changing the size of your plates.

But, how does it work?

This illusion affects our perception of the relative size of an object.

Using a larger plate can make the meal appear smaller. Conversely, a smaller plate makes the meal appear larger.

That means you’ll end up thinking that you’re not eating enough with a larger plate and eating too much with a smaller plate.

On top of that, eating less means less money spent on food. Hurray for your wallet!