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Does Dark Chocolate Help Improve Your Eyesight?

A recent study from the journal of the American Medical Association was looking to find means
To improve eyesight. Yes, a topic a little out of left field considering that the primary focus of this channel is Fitness.
But it doesn’t hurt to talk about other topics once in a while.

And this particular topic piqued our interest. What’s more interesting is how the researchers
intend to improve vision.
In this case, with the consumption of… chocolate.
Yes, … chocolate.

In this specific case, researchers hypothesized That eating dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate in improving vision. Their reasoning: dark chocolates have more Of the natural compound flavanol.
Flavanols have been linked to improved cognition, Contrast sensitivity, and blood flow, which
In theory, are properties that can lead to Improved retinal performance, at least in

The short-term. If the flavanol content is actually lower, Especially since different treatments of dark
Chocolate can drastically reduce flavanol Concentrations, then we have to wonder if Flavanols are indeed the major factor.
The high vascularity of the retina can benefit From the increased blood flow and nutrient Delivery from flavanols.
Now, it’s important to note that science Doesn’t work off of just one preliminary Finding. But, maybe the next time you eat some dark Chocolate, see if something like reading becomes
If yes, awesome.
If not, then it’s all good cause you still Got some of that sweet, sweet chocolate.