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Difference between Low carb and Ketogenic diet

One of the most confusing situation for people is to understand between low carb and ketogenic diet. The major worry is purely the carbohydrate content in both the diets. Ketogenic diets are strictly focussing on fats and proteins out of which almost 75% of the calories come from fat while 20% come from protein and the remaining 5% comes from carbohydrates tentatively. These figures may vary in the protein and fat count but the amount of carbs remain the same. In fact Ketogenic diets clearly define the amount of carbs needed to enter ketosis for a person. It may vary between 30g – 50g and less. So a person has to consume less than 30g 04 50g depending upon his body.
On the other hand a low carb diet is very open ended. The term low can be defined in various forms by people. The traditional approach to bodybuilding has always been to go heavy on carbs while bulking. The counts would go as high where the protein to carbohydrate ratio is 1:3. So the definition for low carb may also vary and it can range anywhere as per the understanding of the person. A 100g can also be a low carb to some people while a 200g is also a low carb diet for a person who has been consuming almost 500-600g carbs per day. In case of ketogenic diet the carb count cannot go beyond 50g mark max as it will prevent the person from entering ketosis.

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