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Cable machines, a great tool to help you train smartly

Cable machine exercises are one of the most effective isolation exercises you perform. They have a great utility when it comes to isolating the movement and providing constant tension. One of the most important benefit in using cable machines is the saving of time. The hassle of setting up a set is taken away the moment you start working out on a cable machine. Another benefit of using the cables is that it can practically work on very body part except for the legs. Bicep, triceps, back, chest, shoulders. All of the upper body can be worked with the help of cable machines.

A cable machine is sort of a hybrid between free weights and machines which is why cable exercises are included even in a advanced level athletes program. In fact one of the most unknown benefit of using a cable machine is the fact that it provides for a constant state of tension to the muscles. The weights work in a perfect rhythm working against gravity and towards it unlike exercises like dumbbell curls where the range of motion is an arc and not a straight line. Another great benefit of cable machines is the challenge to the core muscles. Using a cable cross machine instead of standard gym machines will activate your core muscles (abs, lower back, hips and obliques) more. That’s because most gym machines support you and isolate your muscles for you; your body is locked into place passively, without having to work to stay there. You can work on the cable machines and get the benefit of both unilateral as well as bilateral exercises. All you have to is simply change the bar and you are good to go.

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