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Iron is very important for your body. it’s one of the minerals that help you stay healthy and which boost your strength or energy. so yes, you need to find some iron rich foods and you should consider eating them as often as possible. the best part about the iron rich foods is that they can easily complement most diets, so you don’t have to make major changes to your current diet unless the current one is unhealthy.

Black beans are full of protein and they also bring in around one and a half times as much iron as flank steak if you’re all about staying healthy and fit black beans are actually a really good option pumpkin seeds.

Salmon has lots of iron and omega-3 fatty acids it can be good against heart disease and inflammatory
problems this is one of the best foods if you want to have less toxins in your diet.

Broccoli gives you not only iron but a variety of other nutrients as well it’s known to be very
good against cancer not to mention it’s easy to absorb by your body

Not everyone likes egg yolks, but studies have shown that they are a really good source of iron so if you want to add more iron to your diet this is one of the best ways to do it you should consider.