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Benefits of including front squats in your leg routine.

Benefits of including front squats in your leg routine

A lot of people argue about the Back squat being a much more prominent exercise for your lower body development, while some stand truly by the front squat. A smarter way rather to train is to inculcate both the types of squats in your training to reap the benefits of both. While we all know the benefits of a back squat here are some reason why you should be front squatting for sure.

1. Emphasis: The front squat ploys more emphasis on the quadriceps as the bar is being hold on the frontal side of your body on the shoulders. This involves the quadriceps a bit more than that in case of the back squat.

2. Flexibility: The front squats help develop greater amount of flexibility. The movement challenges your body in such a way which helps you analyse your tighter spots in the body. The bottom position of the front squat, the ankles, shoulders, wrists and hips will be pushed to their mobility limits, which is not always the case with a back squat as lifters will often cut the squat short.

3. Cheating: The front squats does not let you cheat, any form of cheating can be easily identified while you perform a front squat. In case of a back squat people tend to bend more making it look like a good morning exercise sometimes. The front squat will require you to be absolutely tight both the lower and upper body to maintain stability in the body.

4. Heavy weights: The front squats results in lesser compression to your spine and hence is a great exercise for people with back issues.

5. Greater work on muscles: Along with your quadriceps and gluteus muscles, the calf muscle, core muscles, deltoids all work together to keep the body stable. These are all your stabilizer muscles that work extra to keep the body in perfect form.

6. Athletic performance: In case your gunning for some athletic glory in sports like crossfit then a front squat will not only improve your performance for that exercise but also other movements like jumping, running etc will improve with the added force in your gluteus muscles.
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