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Zac Fotheringham

united kingdom
Coach / Athlete

Zac Fotheringham is a Sponsored BSN & Udo’s Choice Athlete and Y3T Elite Trainer and prepped by Neil Hill. He says “I base my success within the fitness industry down for many reasons, but one of the most important attributes I have is “being real” I don’t preach certain methods will help all. I don’t advertise anything I have never tried myself or with clients. I combine experience and the knowledge to help others to reach their full potential.

He has competed in the UKBFF and WBFF last year and placed 3rd in both and both was a very strong class. Zac’s aim is to transform not only the body of his clients but the also their mind. He truly believes that, if you can train the mind to go to places that only few minds dare to go the body has no limits.

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