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Rehan Jalali

united kingdom
Education / Coaching

Rehan Jalali’s prestigious career in the science of sports nutrition began when he was awarded a full scholarship to study Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Texas. Upon graduation, Rehan accepted an offer to head the technical support department for sports nutrition giant EAS and Muscle Media Magazine.

Long considered an authority on sports nutrition, Rehan has published numerous articles, been quoted in several newspapers, appeared on radio shows and conducted seminars across the US. As a consultant and trainer, Rehan has worked with thousands of doctors, fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes, and well-known actors. A celebrity in his own right, Rehan has regularly been featured in Muscle Media and Ironman Magazines, and in the film Body of Work. A nationally ranked bodybuilder who has appeared on ESPN, Rehan has held numerous bodybuilding titles, including Mr. Texas and the Ironman bodybuilding champion.

During his career in product development, Rehan has set industry trends with such breakthroughs as the first non-stimulant fat burner to hit the market, and as one of the first to recognize the importance of essential fatty acids for athletes.

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